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- The Reportable Diseases Regulations set out the diseases prescribed as reportable for the purposes of section 2 of the Health of Animals Act.
Program: Animals
- Birds: animal health certificates for export
Program: Animals
- Import policies: animal products and by-products
Program: Animals
- The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is Canada's national plant protection organization. The CFIA is entrusted with this responsibility as part of its overall mandate to protect Canada's food, plant…
Program: Plants
- This section contains the National Standards for the Chronic Wasting Disease Herd Certification Programs (CWD HCP) and provides information on the duties of the accredited veterinarian in the delivery of the CWD HCPs.
Program: Animals
- List of international three letter country codes for the OMIC.
Program: Food
- This directive outlines the phytosanitary import requirements for the following products originating from all areas of the world other than the continental United States (U.S.): non-processed wood and other wooden…
Program: Plants
- Below is a list of CFIA accredited certification bodies within Canada that certify organic products under Part 13 of the SFCR.
Program: Food
- List of establishments eligible to export to the United States
Program: Food
- Countries to which exports are currently made - Taiwan
Program: Food