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Potato wart

Potato wart, or potato canker, is a plant disease caused by a soil-borne fungus. Although it poses no risk to human or animal health, it reduces yield and makes potatoes disfigured.

Services and information

About potato wart

Learn about potato wart, including symptoms, how to identify it, how it spreads and where it's found.

Potato wart in Prince Edward Island (PEI)

Potato wart was first detected in PEI in 2000. Learn about the investigations and work to help contain, control and prevent its spread.

Resistant and susceptible potato varieties

Consideration of which potato varieties to plant is important. Resistant varieties help suppress potato wart and reduce the risk of spread.

Long term domestic management plan

Restrictions and surveillance activities for potato wart in Canada to protect potatoes, potato production and minimize the impact on trade and the economy.

Potato wart testing in Canada

Soil sampling, visual inspections, detections, spore viability and surveillance surveys.

Guidance for potato growers

Import requirements, farm biosecurity guidance, pest information, inspection procedures and forms.

Potato policy and directives

Policies and directives relating to seed potato certification, the importation and domestic movement of potato, and soil and soil-related things.


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