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Importing plants and related matter into Canada

Permit to import

Your permit to import authorizes you to import those plants or other matter listed on your application form (unless you are notified otherwise). You will receive a letter informing you of any thing listed on your application that is not admissible and the reason for the rejection.

No person, other than an inspector shall alter, deface or erase any information or statement on a permit to import.

If you are using a broker, it is your responsibility to provide the broker with your permit to import number and/or a copy of the permit to import. The Permit Office cannot provide this information to your broker on your behalf.

Time of entry into Canada

You must present your permit number to customs and/or CFIA inspectors at the time the material enters Canada. Presenting a copy of your permit to import should facilitate a quicker release of your material.

Your material may be subject to inspection at the time of entry into Canada or at destination of the material.

If inspector has specified in writing the location where the material will be examined, ensure:

Inform your exporter of the following

Questions about import procedures

If you have any questions about import procedures, contact the CFIA's National Import Service Centre.

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