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Floriculture Sector Biosecurity Guide

This Floriculture Sector Biosecurity Guide (the Guide) has been developed as a supporting document for the National Voluntary Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard for the Greenhouse, Nursery and Floriculture Sectors (the Standard) to assist floriculture producers ("producers" in the rest of this document) with the development of a biosecurity plan for their floriculture facilities ("facilities"). The Standard contains general biosecurity practices and measures of relevance to all three sectors while this Guide provides guidance tailored to the floriculture sector.

Note: This Guide uses the term "floriculture facility" instead of "place of production" as used in the Standard.

This voluntary Guide provides sector-specific biosecurity practices and measures for the consideration of producers to help achieve the goals of the Standard. It is recognized that facilities will differ from one another and the recommendations in this Guide will not be universally applicable.

This Guide was developed collaboratively between representatives from industry, education and government. Please see Appendix 6 for acknowledgements.

The information and guidance provided in this Guide is applicable to both established and new places of production. The considerations outlined in the Guide are based on scientifically sound principles that are intended to reduce the risk of pest introduction, enhance pest management within a facility and mitigate the spread of injurious pests to additional facilities.

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