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Plant health

Plant pests and invasive species, import, export, trade, fertilizers, soil and soil-related matter, grains and field crops, seeds, cannabis, forestry, horticulture.


Services and information

Plant pests and invasive species

Plant protection, regulated pests, surveillance, report a plant pest.

Plant and plant product imports

Permits, policies, directives, and guidance for importing plants and plant products.

Plant exports

Certification and rules for exporting plants and plant products.

Plant varieties

How to register, registered and cancelled varieties, Plant Breeders' Rights, plants with novel traits, potato varieties.

Soil and soil-related matter

Movement restrictions, import requirements, directives, and inspection procedures.

Grains and field crops

Policy directives, biosecurity standards, and regulated quarantine pests.


Registration and regulatory requirements, industry notices, and research trials.


Import and export requirements, industry guidance, inspection procedures, testing and grading.


CFIA's role, intellectual protection, novel traits, edibles, fertilizers and supplements, cannabis and hemp seed, and animal feed.


Import and export requirements, policy directives, and pests of concern related to forestry.


Import and export requirements, policy directives, and pests of concern related to horticulture.

Industry guidance

Guidance for inspectors, partners and stakeholders to comply with applicable acts and regulations.


Potato varieties, guidance documents, pest information, policy directives.

Canadian Plant Health Information System

A collaborative platform for plant protection.


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