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Taiwan – Export requirements for meat and poultry products


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1. Eligible/ineligible product

1.1 Eligible

1.2 Ineligible

2. Pre-export approvals by competent authority of importing country

2.1 Establishments

3. Production controls and inspection requirements

3.1 Non-compliance

3.2 Beef and beef products

3.3 Pork

4. Labelling, marking and packaging requirements

5. Documentation requirements

5.1 Certificate

Poultry meat destined to Taiwan

Additional information to Annex C for certificate CFIA1454 number space

Date the province of origin removed from list of provinces free of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI):

Name of Province
Date province designated as no longer free of HPAI
Hatched and raised

I, space, the official veterinarian for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) certify that the province of origin of the poultry, and poultry meat and meat products was free from HPAI 14 days before the date the province of origin was removed from HPAI-free zone list.

Date space

Name of CFIA signing veterinarian

Official Seal


6. Other Information

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