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Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) – Export requirements for meat and poultry products


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EAEU member states are Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

Eligible/ineligible product



Pre-export approvals by competent authority of importing country


Establishments must be approved by the EAEU authorities. Please refer to annex 1: list of establishments approved to export to Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) for the list of approved establishments.

Production controls and inspection requirements

Carcass must be tested for Trichinella by using a validated digestion method approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), in a CFIA laboratory or a laboratory recognized by the CFIA for that purpose.

Operator must perform specific testing (microbiological and chemical residues) on products intended for export. Please refer to annex H and M of the section on Russia for details.

The operator is required to implement verification testing programs as outlined in annex M with the exception of section 1.1 of annex M.

As per provisions of annex H and annex M of the section on Russia, CFIA inspectors will verify implementation by the operators of the required microbial and residues testing programs.

Labelling, packaging and marking requirements

It is the responsibility of the exporter and importer to ensure that the labelling requirements of the importing country are met as well as to obtain required import permit from the competent authorities, when applicable, for the products they intend to export.

The shipping containers must be sealed with a label bearing the inspection legend. An export sticker may also be used for that purpose.

Documentation requirements

Annex B: declaration for horses intended for slaughter for human food destined to Eurasian Economic Union

To meet the certification requirements in regarding anthrax, horses received at the slaughterhouse to be slaughtered for producing meat intended for export to EAEU must be accompanied by completed annex B signed by the owner of the farm or his/her representative.

Annex H, section on Russia is to be completed as required.

Form CFIA/ACIA 5684 must be issued.

A fillable PDF form is available to CFIA inspectors in the Forms Catalogue on Merlin. It should be completed by the applicant and printed on blank paper, the CFIA/ACIA 5621 which contains security features. It must be ordered specifically for this purpose. Refer to 11.3.(5) (b) for details on ordering export certificates.

When ordering blank certificates, order form CFIA / ACIA 5621, but once completed and printed, CFIA / ACIA 5684 will appear at the bottom.

Page 1 of certificate 5684 must be printed on special certificate paper (CFIA / ACIA 5621). The certificate paper has the CFIA logo and certain security features printed on it. On the back of the paper is a serial number which is to be input into the box labeled 1.5 of the CFIA/ACIA 5684 certificate, prior to printing.

Only page 1 of this certificate should be printed on the certificate paper. The remaining 2 pages should be printed on a sheet of plain white paper (preferably double sided if the printer allows it). Do not use a second page of certificate paper as the shipment must have only 1 associated certificate number.

A French translation of CFIA/ACIA 5684 is available in Meat Export Electronic Certification System for information only as annex A.2.: Certificat vétérinaire pour la viande de cheval, les produits de viande crus et les abats exportés du Canada vers le territoire douanier de l'Union économique eurasienne.

Guidelines for issuing certification

Other information

In case of export to Russia, relevant Russian requirements continue to apply for example, Notification of the issuance of export certificate.

Current information indicates that Kazakhstan will be main importing country; and exporters are encouraged to work with importers and competent authorities of other member countries of EAEU before making arrangements for export of horse meat.

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