Disposing of unsolicited seeds

Since 2020, a number of Canadians have reported receiving packages of seeds by mail that they did not order. Packages were postmarked as being from several different countries, and often did not properly describe their contents.

These seeds most likely originate from a brushing scam, where a business tries to boost online sales by sending unrequested products to customers and posting fake positive reviews.

Do not plant unrequested seeds.

Certain seeds could become invasive plants or carry plant pests, which can be harmful when introduced into Canada. They can seriously damage forests as well as agricultural and natural areas.

What to do

If you receive seeds that you did not order:

  • put the seeds and packaging in a sealed bag inside a second sealed bag
  • place in your regular garbage that goes to a landfill
  • refrain from planting, flushing, or composting the seeds to avoid them sprouting and spreading

If you have already planted them or put them in the compost:

  • remove the seeds and any plants that may have grown from them
  • double-bag the seeds or plants in tightly sealed plastic bags, and place in your regular garbage that goes to a landfill

Learn more about the impact that invasive plants can have:

For questions, please contact your local CFIA office or submit them online to the CFIA.