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Food-specific requirements and guidance – Processed fruit or vegetable products


Before you review information related specifically to processed fruit or vegetable products, read the information on General food requirements and guidance. The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) set out many requirements that apply across food commodities, along with the specific requirements highlighted here.

Additional requirements for Food imports and Food exports may apply also to your business.

Know the requirements

Canadian Standards of Identity Volume 4, Processed Fruit or Vegetable Products
Learn about the standards of identify for a variety of processed fruit or vegetable products.

Canadian Grade Compendium Volume 3, Processed Fruit or Vegetable Products
Learn about the grade requirements for processed fresh fruits or vegetables.

Grade Names for Imported Food
Check items 34 and 35 for information relevant to processed fruit and vegetables.

Units of Measurement for the Net Quantity Declaration of Certain Foods
Units of measurement for prepackaged food, consumer prepackaged food and prepackaged food other than consumer prepackaged food.

Maximum Quantity Limits for Personal Use Exemption
There are quantity limits defined for processed fruits or vegetables that determine whether you can qualify for a personal use exemption.

Preventive controls

Preventive controls for food – Processed fruit or vegetable products
Find information on select preventive control practices for operators to mitigate food safety risks associated with the preparation of processed fruit or vegetables.