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Humane transport and animal welfare

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), provincial and territorial governments, producers, transporters, industry organizations, and many others each have a role to play in animal welfare. The CFIA regulates the humane transport of animals and the humane treatment of food animals in federal abattoirs.


Services and information

Humane transport overview

Legal requirements for the humane transport of animals in Canada.

Livestock and poultry transport

Responsibilities and guidance for transporting animals safely.

Regulatory guidance and resources

Interpretative guidance and tools to help you understand what is required in the transport of animals.

Horse transport

Guidance to ensure horses are fit for transport and designated border ports for entry.

Inspection and enforcement

Guidance, investigations, enforcement action and data, compliance.

Transporting pets

Keep animals safe from harm and injury when they travel by land, air or sea.

Livestock welfare

Provincial and territorial legislation concerning farm animal welfare.

Cold weather transport

Measures for transporting animals during cold weather.

Hot and humid weather transport

Measures for transporting animals during hot and humid weather.


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