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Guideline for preparing export certificates for the Canadian pet food industry
Audits and inspection

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China requires an audit of the facility looking to export to this country. Based on the audit, China will approve or not the facility for export. However, any competent authority of a country can at any time require an audit of a facility that is exporting to that country.
Facility approval
The European Union, Taiwan, Russia, USA and Brazil require that a facility be approved for export and they ask the CFIA to provide that approval.
Inspection and eligibility to export

Given that the pet food industry is not regulated, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspects the facilities on an annual or biennial basis to make sure that the facility satisfies the requirements of the importing country. An inspection must be conducted for each new destination with different import requirements.

Depending on the import conditions of the country, an inspection is required for each establishment involved in each steps of the process from the production facility to the shipping facility. For example, if a company subcontracts another company to do any of the steps of the process (processing, packaging, storage, etc.), these establishments also need to be inspected.

When a satisfactory inspection is completed, the facility is eligible to export. A copy of the inspection checklist must be provided to the facility.

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