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Fish oil/Fish meal Exported from the United States to Canada for Eventual Export to the European Union under Regulation (EC) no 1069/2009 and its Implementing Legislation (EU) no 142/2011

In cases where a Canadian imports derivatives of fish oil/ fish meal from the United States (US) with the intention of re-exporting the derivatives to the European Union (EU), then the Canadian importer must request that the US exporter obtain appropriate certification prior to export of the by-products to Canada.

The EU health certificate which would be required for the export of the fish oil/ fish meal to the EU (Chapter 9 and Chapter 1) for the same purpose should be added as additional pages to the USDC/NOAA Export Certificate when required by Canadian authorities for import into Canada.

In order to obtain this additional certification, the exporter must meet certain requirements.

The Canadian importer should always confirm prior to shipment what parts of the EU health certificate must be included and which parts or statements may be deleted. Certification statements related to processing and other procedures that will take place in Canada, e.g. labelilng, may be excluded in most cases. Information on the EU importer must be excluded. The consignee would be the importer in Canada in most cases.

Please note: This article does not address Canadian import requirements. The applicable EU health certificate (chapter 1 and/or chapter 9) would be additional pages added to the certification when required by the exporter. This article also does not pertain to products intended for human consumption in Canada or the EU.