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Inedible Animal By-Products Exported from the US to Canada for the Manufacture of Pet Food (in Canada) for Export to the Russian Federation

In cases where a Canadian imports inedible animal by-products from the United States that are intended to be used in the manufacture of pet food for export to the Russian Federation, then the Canadian importer must request that the US exporter obtain appropriate certification prior to export of the by-products to Canada.

The Canadian importer should always confirm with CFIA prior to shipment that the endorsed certificate meets all necessary requirements.

The following certifications are required on a VS Form 16-4.

a) Additional certification required for raw material (meat, meat by-products, offals, etc.):

The raw material was derived from animals that originated from premises and administrative territories free from:

  • African swine fever, African horse sickness, camel pest, and rinderpest during three years in the country; and
  • Foot-and-mouth disease, sheep and goat pox, and contagious bovine pleuropneumonia during 12 months in the administrative unit.

b) Additional certification required for processed animals proteins (meals):

The processed animal proteins were processed at an approved facility and heated throughout its substance to a temperature of 133 degree C not less than 20 minutes at a pressure of 3 bars or was processed according to an officially approved alternative heat treatment system achieving equivalent bacteriological security (absence of Clostridium perfringens in random samples of 1 g).

The text in bold may be deleted if the meals are tested as required in Canada prior to incorporation into the pet food (the importer should confirm the requirements for this testing with CFIA).

Please note:

This article does not address Canadian import requirements.

This article does not cover the requirements for ingredients for pet food produced in the US for export to the Russian Federation.