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National Biosecurity Standard for Livestock, Poultry and Deadstock Transportation
Annex 7a: Disclosure of transport history

This disclosure is being provided to:

Farm owner/manager:
Of farm/site:
On the date:

I, space, of the transport company space hereby certify that the following (transport) trailer with licence plate number space and power unit with licence plate number space have undergone the wash procedures on the date space, at the time space, and at the location space as stipulated in the attached Transport Unit Wash Record documents.

I further certify that these previously identified trailer and power unit, in the period between the completion of these wash procedures and arrival at you farm/site, have neither:

Check one

I make no claims certifying that the identified power unit and trailer pose zero risk to biosecurity in terms of the spread of livestock or poultry pathogens, only that the procedures indicated in the attached paperwork have been undertaken to minimize said risk.

Name of transporter/driver: space
Name of transport company: space
Signature: space
Date: space

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