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National Biosecurity Standard for Livestock, Poultry and Deadstock Transportation
Annex 7b: Transport unit travel history

Annex 7b Transport unit travel history. Description follows.
Description of image – Annex 7b Transport unit travel history

Transport unit travel history document has fields to collect the following information:

  • Licence plate number:
  • Last animal handling/production location attended by transport unit (not including wash stations)
  • Location type
    • Farm
    • Assembly yard
    • Slaughter establishment
    • Auction mart
    • Events
    • Competition
    • Fairs
    • Other
  • Country: Canada / United States
  • Date of visit
  • Time of visit (am/pm)
  • Last use of transport unit equipment for the movement of animals
    • Type of animals
    • Date of visit
    • Time of visit (am/pm)
  • I hereby certify the accuracy of the information set out above.
  • Name of transporter/driver
  • Name of transport company
  • Signature
  • Date
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