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CFIA 2025: Building for the future

CFIA 2025, formerly known as "Responding to Today, Building for the Future" (RTBF), refocuses on our priorities that address our current realities as we move forward.

Our ability to adapt and respond to risks and rapid changes in our environment is crucial to our future success.

CFIA 2025 explores new ways of working for the future that provide better, more responsive programs and services that ultimately protect the safety of our food, plant and animal resources. It continues to highlight digitization efforts by increasing information technology (IT) capacity and providing employees with the tools and resources they need to adapt to a digital way of working.

The 4 updated areas, focus on a future state that at its core, reflects the agency's trusted partnerships and reputation as a global leader, protecting Canadians and supporting industry.

Guiding principles

Trusted partnerships

Global leader

Areas of focus

Agile regulations

Intelligent oversight

Enabled workforce

Stakeholder empowerment

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