Inspection modernization

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is building on its strong foundation and strengthening Canada's current federal inspection approaches and tools.

What is inspection modernization?

New technologies, tools and a more comprehensive approach to inspection are needed to properly manage today's risks to human, animal and plant health and the environment, and to enhance consumer protection.

The CFIA held extensive consultation with front-line inspectors, consumer associations, industry and government stakeholders to develop a single and consistent inspection approach. The original intent was to consult first on food, then on a model that is applied to all inspection activities, whether related to human, animal or plant health or the environment.

Initially it applied to all regulated food, whether imported, exported or prepared domestically for sale across provincial borders or internationally. In June 2013, the improved food inspection model, which supports the Safe Food for Canadians Action Plan to strengthen Canada's food safety system.

Using the model as the foundation, the CFIA has developed an integrated Agency inspection model which expands beyond food safety and consumer protection.

To support this new approach, the CFIA is also

  • investing in state-of-the-art training and development programs in order to maintain a professional and highly-skilled inspection workforce
  • providing new technology and tools to support the work of industry and inspectors

How this affects consumers

Inspection modernization will allow the CFIA to detect and prevent risks more effectively. Consumers will benefit from inspection activities that target the highest risk areas first (domestic or imported).

How this affects industry

Inspection modernization will provide Canadian companies the flexibility to design controls that demonstrate that their operations and products comply with all relevant federal regulations. It will also create a more level playing field for businesses by streamlining the inspection process.

What information is available?

How to stay involved

The CFIA will continue to actively engage and consult all stakeholders as it finalizes the integrated Agency inspection model and implements the new inspection approach.

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