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CVB / CFIA roles and responsibilities with respect to the Seed Program

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Glossary of abbreviations and terms

AC (approved conditioner)
An establishment that prepares seed of pedigreed status and in respect of which a registration as an approved conditioner is in force
AI (authorized importer)
An establishment that prepares imported seed and in respect of which a registration as an authorized importer is in force
BSF (bulk storage facility)
An establishment that stores, in bulk, seed graded with a Canada pedigreed grade name and in respect of which a registration as a bulk storage facility is in force
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Conformity verification body
GB grader
A grader accredited to examine seed and to review analytical information on certificates of analysis to assign a Canada pedigreed grade name to all crop kinds set out in Tables I to VI and XVIII.
GD grader
A grader accredited to assign a Canada pedigreed grade name to seed lots based on a review of the reports of analysis (ROAs) only. GD graders are accredited to assign a grade to crop kinds found in 1 or more groups of the Tables in Schedule I (the Grade Tables) to the regulations.
SICAs (seed import conformity assessors)
(formerly GI graders/SIRAs) are accredited to assess whether imported seed meets the minimum standards for import into Canada based on their review of Canadian and/or foreign ROAs. SICAs are accredited to assess conformity with minimum standards for crop kinds found in any group(s) of the Grade Tables for which they are accredited.
International Seed Testing Association
quality assurance
seed laboratory accreditation and audit protocol

Roles and responsibilities

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is responsible for the:

CFIA roles and responsibilities

The conformity verification body

The conformity verification body (CVB) is accredited by the CFIA for the:

CVB roles and responsibilities:

Note that CVB collects annual fees from seed establishments for the renewal of their registration and the renewal of accreditation/licensing for their personnel.

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