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Leaf Flower Plant
Sprout Tuber Sliced tuber


Botanical Features

Agricultural Features

High yielding variety. Medium specific gravity. Long dormancy period; very good storability. Early production of large tubers; very low incidence of hollow heart. Seems well adapted to both heavy dry land soils and peat soils. During trials, its performance has been mediocre on irrigated sands. If hollow heart or common scab is a problem, this cultivar could be a suitable alternative.

NOTE: this variety has an extreme sensitivity to metribuzin even when applied before emergence or at less than the recommended rate.

Reaction to Diseases

Resistant: common scab, hollow heart.
Susceptible: verticillium wilt, PVS, PVX, PVY, leaf roll, early blight, late blight.

References: 1, 6.

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