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Leaf Flowers Plant
Sprout Tuber Sliced tuber


Botanical Features

Agricultural Features

Medium yielding variety; high tuber set resulting in many uniform shaped tubers of medium sized. Performs well on well drained heavy soils; very intolerant to drought. Good field tolerance to potato flea beetle; good resistance to hollow heart, internal necrosis and vascular discoloration; slightly susceptible to growth cracks. Good storability; short dormancy period; medium-high specific gravity.

REMARKS: since tubers set high in hill, it is recommended that a large hill be formed early with a final hilling after tubers are set to avoid sunburn.

Reaction to Diseases

Moderately resistant: common scab, silver scurf.
Susceptible: late blight, verticillium wilt, spindle tuber (PSTV), PVX, leaf roll.
Highly susceptible: early blight.

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