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Notice to industry – Updates to the phytosanitary import requirements for potentially injurious organisms

Ottawa, December 20, 2017 - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has updated its requirements for importing organisms – such as certain insects, bacteria, fungi and yeast species – that pose a direct or indirect risk to the health of Canada's agriculture, forests and natural environment.

The requirements to import potentially injurious organisms (PIOs) are provided in the CFIA's Directive D-12-02: Import Requirements for Potentially Injurious Organisms (Other than Plants) to Prevent the Importation of Plant Pests in Canada.

Updates have been made to Appendix 1 of the directive, reflecting new or updated reviews and assessments conducted by the CFIA. These updates clarify and simplify the import requirements for numerous PIOs by:

Before applying for a plant protection permit to import PIOs, importers are encouraged to review Appendix 1, which informs the permit application process (see s. 2.1 of D-12-02). As specified in the CFIA's Automated Import Reference System (AIRS), when PIOs are allowed into Canada, this appendix is valid documentation that a plant protection import permit is not required.

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