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Golden nematode - Globodera rostochiensis

The cyst, the protected resting stage of this group of nematodes, contains eggs

Golden nematode and pale cyst nematode do not pose a risk to human health. These two species of potato cyst nematode (PCN) are considered quarantine pests because if left unmanaged they can reduce yields of potatoes and other host crops such as tomatoes and eggplants by up to 80 percent. These pests infest the soil and are very difficult to eradicate because they can persist, dormant in the soil, for several decades.

Both of these quarantine potato cyst nematodes have been confirmed in 65 countries worldwide, including the United States. In Canada, golden nematode is present in Newfoundland, Vancouver Island, Quebec and Alberta. Pale cyst nematode is only present in Newfoundland. Strict quarantine measures are in place to prevent the potential spread of these PCNs.

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