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Spot it? Snap, catch and report it

Infographic: Spot it? Snap, catch and report it. Description follows.
Description of infographic: Spot it? Snap, catch and report it

Spotted lanternfly is present in the United States and getting closer to the Canadian border. It could be devastating for Canada's wine, fruit and forest industries.

What to look for (lifecycle):

  • Egg laying: September to November
  • Egg mass: October to June (Photo Credit: Amanda Roe, Natural Resources Canada)
  • Early stage nymph: May to July
  • Late stage nymph: July to September
  • Adults: July to December

Where to look for it:

  • Over 100 species of trees and plants
  • Commercial and leisure vehicles
  • Outdoor items

If you think you have found the spotted lanternfly pest or egg masses in Canada, report it to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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