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Inspect Before Entry: AGM

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adult AGM. Description follows.
Look for moths while calling on ports in China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea and Russia (Far East region).
Description of image

This image shows an adult AGM hiding on the side of a canister. The moth is small and white.

egg mass, description follows
Search for egg masses.
Description of image

This image shows an egg mass that is attached to a rusty surface; it looks beige in colour and around 2 cm in size. The egg mass, which appears smooth in texture, is raised significantly from the surface upon which it is attached.

egg mass, description follows
Find egg masses and scrape off.
Description of image

This is a picture of an egg mass that has been removed from its original surface. The egg mass appears dry and rough. It has many black eggs on its exterior which cover approximately 40% of the mass.

plastic bag
Destroy egg masses in alcohol, boiling water or by incinerating them.
Description of image

This is an image of a plastic bag half filled with egg masses submerged in alcohol.

egg mass surface, description follows
Do not paint over egg masses.
Description of image

In this image an egg mass surface is painted over in yellow. The mass is still visible by its shape protruding from the wall.

spot lights, description follows
Limit unnecessary lighting on the vessel because moths are attracted to lights.
Description of image

This is an image of spot lights placed up high.

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