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Notice to Industry – New movement requirements for Ontario cherries to prevent spread of plant pests

May 23, 2017 – Ottawa – Effective June 1, 2017, fresh cherries grown in Ontario will be prohibited from moving into the United States and British Columbia, and must be certified free from European cherry fruit fly (R. cerasi) before being moved to other provinces in Canada. The European cherry fruit fly is a harmful plant pest that can have devastating effects on cherry crops. These restrictions are being put in place to prevent the spread of this pest outside of Ontario.

The movement restrictions will apply to fresh cherries, including sweet cherries, sour cherries, mahaleb cherries and black cherries produced in Ontario. The restrictions do not apply to processed cherries, and nursery stock will be exempt from the restrictions.

Fresh cherries from Ontario will not be allowed to move into British Columbia. Producers will be able to move fresh cherries to other provinces provided they have a Movement Certificate from the CFIA certifying that the shipment is free from cherry fruit flies. Shipments without a Movement Certificate or that are infested with cherry fruit fly will be returned to Ontario or destroyed.

The directive will remain in place indefinitely to prevent the movement and spread of European cherry fruit fly in Canada and the US.

Get more information about the European cherry fruit fly.

Learn more about the new Phytosanitary requirements to prevent the spread of Rhagoletis cerasi L. (European cherry fruit fly) within Canada or contact your local CFIA office.

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