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Questions and answers: Prohibition of Movement Zone in Memramcook, New Brunswick

Movement of some species of wood out of an area in southeastern New Brunswick is prohibited because of the presence of brown spruce longhorn beetle. A Prohibition of Movement order has been in place near Memramcook, NB since 2015.  In an effort to slow the spread of the beetle, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is increasing the radius of the Prohibition of Movement zone to two kilometres from the central trap.

Questions and answers

Is this a permanent measure?

This prohibition of movement is an interim measure so that trade in Atlantic Canada can continue while the CFIA consults on longer term measures.

Why is the CFIA increasing the area?

Ongoing surveys have shown that the pest is moving outwards. The Prohibition of Movement order is intended to slow the spread of the pest to reduce the potential impact on the forest industry.

How can I learn more about the Prohibition of Movement area?

Visit the CFIA website for the latest information on brown spruce longhorn beetle or contact your local CFIA office.

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