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BSLB Risk Mitigation Program

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has developed a risk mitigation program, in consultation with stakeholders, to allow forestry industries within, and outside of the Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle (BSLB) regulated area of Nova Scotia to maintain access to markets across Canada for BSLB regulated materials. Regulated materials include spruce logs and firewood.

All facilities receiving and/or processing BSLB-regulated articles will be required to have a site-specific plan and to be registered under the BSLB Risk Mitigation Program - PDF (99 kb) by July 1, 2015.

The BSLB Risk Mitigation Program sets out requirements for program participants to meet in order to reduce the risk of BSLB spreading outside of the regulated areas where it now exists. These requirements include conditions for the treatment, containment, manufacture and disposal of regulated materials.

Those who meet the requirements of the program are allowed to move regulated materials from regulated to non-regulated areas in Canada under CFIA Movement Certificates. However, moving regulated materials from the infested area in Nova Scotia during the high-risk period (April 30 to September 15) is prohibited. Participating facilities may include, but are not limited to, mills, woodlots, nurseries, and energy generating plants.

Participants of the program are required to develop and document their quality system using a site-specific plan. The CFIA will audit participating facilities on a regular basis to ensure compliance and the CFIA must review and approve each site specific plan a minimum of two times per year to ensure that the core criterion of the program is being met by the facility.

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Please note that heat treated and untreated sawn lumber produced by facilities under the oversight of an approved Grading Agency are exempt from the BSLB Risk Mitigation Program:

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