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Appendix 1: Regulatory status of areas in Canada and the United States for Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica)

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Date of last update: January 21, 2020

Summary of changes:

  • Deleted regulatory information for the United States and added a link to Federal Regulation: 7 CFR 301.48 and to the USDA-APHIS Japanese Beetle website

Category 1 - Uninfested / Quarantine pest (see Section 4.4 of D-96-15 for explanation)
Category 2 - Uninfested or partially infested (see Section 4.4 of D-96-15 for explanation)
Category 3 - Partially or generally infested (see Section 4.4 of D-96-15 for explanation)
Category 4 - Area not known to be infested / Unlikely to become established (see Section 4.4 of D-96-15 for explanation)

1. Japanese beetle in Canada

Regulatory category of infested areas in Canada
Infested provinces/territories Regulatory status category
New Brunswick (NB) 3
Nova Scotia (NS) 3
Ontario (ON) 3
Prince Edward Island (PE) 3
Quebec (QC) 3
Regulatory category of non-infested areas in Canada
Non-infested provinces/territories Regulatory status category
Alberta (AB) 4
British Columbia (BC) 1
Manitoba (MB) 4
Newfoundland & Labrador (NL) 2
Northwest Territories (NT) 4
Nunavut (NU) 4
Saskatchewan (SK) 4
Yukon Territory (YT) 4

2. Japanese beetle in the United States

Infested, non-infested, and partially infested states are listed in the United States Japanese Beetle Harmonization Plan. The Japanese Beetle Distribution in the U.S. - PDF (233.42 kb) map shows the infested and partially infested states. Please consult the USDA-APHIS Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica Newman) website for further information.

Exporters need to confirm the Japanese Beetle category status of the state(s) to which to product will be imported with the importer prior to shipping.

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