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Floriculture Sector Biosecurity Guide
3.0 Conclusion

Biosecurity is best achieved when all the foundations and their components are in place and are being managed properly. Weak building blocks or poorly implemented biosecurity practices and measures provide a route by which pests can be introduced or remain undetected and uncontrolled within a facility.

Through careful consideration and application of the biosecurity practices and measures outlined in this Guide, the foundation of a successful biosecurity plan can be established. Further refinement through a cyclical pattern of assessing results and adjusting your biosecurity plan will ensure an approach that is tailored to your facility and maximize the benefits that may be obtained.

By ensuring the application of good biosecurity principles in your facility, many tangible benefits may be realized, including fewer losses and better product, less reactive and often less costly approaches to pest management, and better access to export markets. Further, given the interconnected nature of the floriculture industry, you will be aiding in the improvement of biosecurity standards across Canada and supporting the stability of the sector as a whole.

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