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Biocontainment for facilities handling plant pests

The Containment Standards for Facilities Handling Plant Pests (CSFHPP) describe the minimum acceptable physical and operational requirements for facilities working with plant pests (other than weeds). The CSFHPP do not apply to soil, genetically modified plants, and biological control insects. The CSFHPP outline the physical and operational requirements appropriate for the specific pest under consideration. It is important to note that while the CSFHPP are primarily intended to address facilities importing plant pests, they also apply to facilities that collect or isolate plant pests within Canada.

The CSFHPP are an integral part of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's regulatory requirements for importing and handling potentially injurious organisms in Canada. These requirements are set out in the following plant protection policy directives:

D-12-03 - Domestic requirements for potentially injurious organisms (other than plants) to prevent the spread of plant pests within Canada

Application for a written authorization to conduct activities on plant pests (CFIA/ACIA 5851)

D-12-02 - Import requirements for potentially injurious organisms (other than plants) to prevent the importation of plant pests in Canada

Application for permit to import plants and other things under the Plant Protection Act (CFIA/ACIA 5256)

Import permits and written authorizations will only be issued to facilities certified as meeting the appropriate physical and operational requirements described in the CSFHPP. We will work with stakeholders to assist with meeting the standard.

Biocontainment and certification program

The Biocontainment and Certification Program's objective is to ensure high containment facilities are in compliance with Canadian physical and operational containment requirements. The purpose of the program is to:

If you are building a new facility, please contact the Office of Biohazard Containment & Safety (OBCS) early in the planning phase. A Plant Pest Containment Level Assessment Checklist is available for your use in evaluating the physical components of your facility. Once completed and returned to the OBCS, a Biosafety Specialist will review it to determine the required PPC level and provide recommendations on how to attain the desired PPC level.

Additional information

For questions on the PPC-Display, 1 or 2 levels, including obtain a copy of a self-assessment checklist, please contact your local CFIA inspection office or the Invasive Alien Species and Domestic Program section (

For questions on the PPC-2A or 3 levels, please contact the OBCS.

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