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Cannabis plants, seeds and feed

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has an important role in regulating the production, importation and use of cannabis and industrial hemp and their by-products.


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Overview of CFIA's role in cannabis regulation

What is the CFIA's role in cannabis regulation?

Edible cannabis

Find information on the regulatory requirements for edible cannabis.

Intellectual protection - plant breeders' rights

Learn about breeders' rights.

Cannabis with novel traits

Information on the regulatory requirements for cannabis with a novel trait.

Fertilizers and supplements used in growing cannabis

Find information related to the regulation of fertilizers and supplements in Canada.

Sale, import and export of cannabis seed

Find information related to requirements for labelling, seed standards, and the import and sale of cannabis seed.

Regulation of industrial hemp seed

Find information related to requirements for the import, export, certification and grading of industrial hemp seed.

Cannabis and animal feed

All cannabis products, including hemp, need to be registered before they can be used as livestock feed in Canada. Find information related to registering feeds.

Organic certification

Commodities such as cannabis plants, cosmetics, pet food, and natural health products are outside the scope of the Canada Organic Regime overseen by the CFIA and cannot use the Canada Organic Logo. These products can be certified to an organic production standard outside of the Canada Organic Regime. Learn more about organic certification.

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