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Guidance for food inspection activities

Operational guidance (OG) provides information on how inspectors perform their inspection activities and must be used in conjunction with Industry Guidance (IG) that provides information on how industry can comply with the regulations.

Services and information

Permission issuance

Domestic, import or export permission-related inspection activities, licensing, export certification, import admissibility.

Sample collection

Planned and as required sampling, national sampling plans, compliance verification, complaints and investigations, surveys and surveillance.

Commodity inspection

Verification against regulatory standards or requirements, analysis of a product or thing.

Preventive control inspection

Evaluation of preventive controls, traceability requirements.

Incident response

Food complaint investigations, food safety investigations, risk-specific responses.

Regulatory response

Respond to risk and non-compliance, control actions, enforcement actions.

Special project

Projects with specified time frames, more than one inspection activity type.

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