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Import requirements for fresh Guatemalan raspberries and blackberries
Import requirement

A. Wild fresh raspberries and blackberries

The harvesting and packing of wild fresh raspberries and wild fresh blackberries has not been evaluated by the Canadian Government, therefore, no fresh wild raspberries or blackberries can be allowed entry into Canada at any time.

B. Cultivated fresh blackberries

Based on information provided by the Guatemalan Food Safety Authority and in consultation with Health Canada, the CFIA is permitting the importation of cultivated Guatemalan fresh blackberries on a year round basis. There is no longer a restriction for entry from March to August of each year. This is an interim measure pending a complete risk assessment by Health Canada.

C. Cultivated fresh raspberries

The CFIA continues to permit the importation into Canada of cultivated Guatemalan fresh raspberries from August 15 - March 14 of each year. No cyclosporiasis outbreaks have been reported during that time period in Canada, United States or other countries.

The restriction for entry of imported fresh cultivated raspberries from Guatemala from March 15 to August 14 of each year remains in effect. This date range corresponds to a high risk period where Guatemalan fresh raspberries could potentially be contaminated by Cyclospora.

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