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Notice to industry: CFIA continues to implement the new Modernized Slaughter Inspection Program (MSIP) and will end the former HIP inspection model (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)-based slaughter inspection program) for swine by March 31, 2023

Transition to the Modernized Slaughter Inspection Program in Hog (MSIP-Hog) for all hog slaughter establishments is expected to be completed by March 31, 2023. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)-based slaughter inspection program (HIP) will no longer be available after that date.

As part of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) 2025 Framework: Building for the future, the agency continues to modernize and strengthen Canada's current federal inspection approaches and tools.

Implementing MSIP is one of the agency's key strategic initiatives as it continues to improve its food safety systems. The CFIA, in collaboration with the swine (hog) industry, is making good progress in transitioning hog establishments from the current HACCP-based slaughter inspection program (HIP) to MSIP in hogs.

The establishments that have transitioned to MSIP-Hog continue to benefit from improved food safety standards. To date, the MSIP-Hog project has been implemented in 16 establishments across Canada. The CFIA will continue to work collaboratively with the remaining hog slaughter establishments to transition out of the HIP inspection approach by March 31, 2023.

The ultimate goal is to have a consistent risk-based approach to CFIA inspection at federally-regulated slaughter establishments in order to evolve with global trading patterns, innovations and new technologies.

For any questions related to transitioning to MSIP-Hog, please contact your local CFIA office.

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