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Notice to industry: Imported gift baskets containing food

This is a reminder of the requirements when bringing gift baskets into Canada.

All foods within a gift basket need to comply with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) import conditions.


Imported gift baskets containing CFIA-regulated commodities such as foods, plants, animal products and by-products are subject to CFIA requirements, and must meet commercial shipment requirements as found in the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS), such as Safe Food for Canadians licences for importers and applicable import documentation and/or certification.

Goods imported for personal or commercial use may not be admissible for importation by mail or the Courier Low Value Shipment (CLVS) Program. Goods that do not qualify for the CLVS Program must be imported through the Canadian Border Services Agency's (CBSA) regular commercial stream.


Regardless if gift baskets are purchased online or accompanying a traveler, the food in the gift baskets must not exceed the maximum quantity limits for personal use exemption.

Online purchases for personal use

Gift baskets containing food may be purchased online by an individual and imported into Canada from the US provided they do not contain meat, or they will be refused entry into Canada.

Gift baskets from countries other than US cannot contain meat, dairy products (other than cheese) or eggs, or they will be refused entry into Canada.

In certain cases, imported gift baskets containing plants, fresh fruit and/or vegetables may require additional certification and/or permits for entry into Canada.

Accompanying a traveler for personal use

Gift baskets containing meat, dairy products (other than cheese), eggs, plants, fresh fruit and vegetables may accompany a traveler into Canada under specific conditions. Refer to the Bringing food into Canada for personal use webpage for more details.

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