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Food Safety Recognition Program

We manage the Food Safety Recognition Program, with advice and input from provincial and territorial governments, to evaluate on-farm food safety systems and post-farm food safety systems, created and delivered by national industry organizations.

To be recognized by this voluntary program, participating national industry organizations need to create and use a food safety program that:

A national recognition framework that supports industry-led food safety programs helps CFIA work towards its goal of keeping Canada's food safe.

Watch our video to see how the Food Safety Recognition Program is a collaborative effort.

How to get your on-farm food safety system reviewed

National industry organizations from on-farm or post-farm sectors can submit their food safety systems to the FSRP for review. The technical review process includes three components.

National industry organizations are required to develop a technically sound food safety program based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles and a food safety management system manual based on International Standards Organization (ISO) requirements.

In addition, the implementation assessment includes a creditable third party systems audit and subsequent government assessment of the conformance of the program, based on the audit findings.

On completion, a national industry organization will receive a Letter of Recognition, acknowledging that a technically sound food safety program has been implemented in an effective and consistent way.

The FSRP timelines for completing the technical reviews and implementation assessment are outlined within the procedural manuals maintained by the CFIA.

How to keep your recognition

To keep recognition, CFIA reviews the national industry organization's existing programs and documentation at 20 and 40 months following recognition, and conducts a full-system re-assessment after five years. In subsequent years, the programs are reviewed at regular 20 month intervals to verify that they continue to be administered and managed in a way that strengthens food safety.

The FSRP requirements are regularly updated to stay current with scientific and technical advancements and market considerations.

See the status of participating organizations who have an on-farm or post-farm food safety program.

Get the Food Safety Recognition Program manuals

Email the Food Safety Recognition Program at to request a copy of the following FSRP documents:

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