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Food Safety Recognition Program

The Food Safety Recognition Program (FSRP) includes the On-Farm Food Safety Recognition Program and the Post-Farm Food Safety Recognition Program, which provides government recognition of on-farm and post-farm food safety systems developed and implemented by national industry organizations in order to:

The FSRP is led by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) with the participation of the provincial and territorial governments.

Recognition acknowledges that a food safety program has been developed in line with a systematic and preventive approach to food safety based on international accepted standards; that the program conforms to federal, provincial and territorial legislation, policy and protocols; and that a Food Safety Management System has been implemented in an effective and consistent manner.

By providing a recognition framework that supports national, auditable, industry-led, HACCP-based food safety programs, the CFIA can support its goal of safeguarding Canada's food supply along the whole food continuum.

Industry organizations can submit their food safety systems to the FSRP for technical review.

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