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Specific Foods
Foods for Commercial or Industrial Enterprise or Institution

This section deals with the requirements of ready-to-serve multiple-serving prepackaged products served in a commercial or industrial enterprise or institution. It identifies the major differences in the presentation of nutrition information for this class of foods as compared to prepackaged foods for the consumer.

This category of foods applies to prepackaged products that are [B.01.405 (1), FDR]:

Examples of this category of foods include: cooked lasagna, gravy, cooked seasoned filets, fresh pasta, pasta sauce, beverages, cherry pie, bagels, cereals, jam, lunch meats, condiments and dressings.

There are many similarities between this category and foods for use in manufacturing other foods. For example, they have the same nutrition labelling requirements with some flexibility in the manner by which nutritional information is provided for a shipment of food (documentation for purchaser). [B.01.401(7)(b), B.01.405(2), B.01.405(3), FDR].

Note: The Nutrient Declarations section of foods for use in manufacturing other foods does not apply to ready-to-serve multiple-serving prepackaged foods intended solely to be served in a commercial or industrial enterprise or an institution. Instead, the manner in which the nutrients are declared is the same as for consumer prepackaged products:

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