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Available display surface (ADS)
Available display surface for tags

The Nutrition Facts table may alternatively be presented on a tag attached to a package in the following situations:

The total area of both sides of a tag attached to a package to which a label cannot be physically applied is considered ADS. The ADS does not include the area occupied by the Universal Product Code (UPC) symbol.

The Nutrition Facts table may appear on either side of a tag and any version (size) of a suitable format may be used. For the appropriate formats of Nutrition Facts tables on a tag, please see Alternate methods of presentation section under Nutrition Facts table formats. A toll-free telephone number is not an acceptable method of presenting a Nutrition Facts table on a tag.

Some examples of foods which might be labelled with a tag include ornamental bottles, whole frozen turkeys, waxed-encased small cheeses in a mesh bag; and foil-wrapped milk chocolate Easter eggs in a mesh bags.

ornamental bottle, waxed-encased small cheeses and foil-wrapped milk chocolate in a mesh bag

The small package <100 cm2  exemption (ADS < 100 cm2) does not apply to tags.

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