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Labelling requirements for foods for special dietary use
Nutritional supplements

The compositional requirements for a nutritional supplement are set out in B.24.201 of the FDR. Requirements differ depending on the Calories per serving provided by the nutritional supplement.

For complete compositional requirements, refer to B.24.201 of the FDR.

Nutrient content statement - nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements to which milk, partially skim milk or skim milk is to be added, must carry a statement that the nutrient content of the food has been determined taking into consideration the milk, partially skim milk or skim milk that is to be added according to the directions for use [B.24.202(b), FDR].

Nutrient content declaration - nutritional supplements

The label of nutritional supplements must have a statement indicating per serving of stated size and per stated quantity of food, when prepared according to the directions for:

  • the energy value in Calories and kilojoules [B.24.202(a)(i), FDR]
  • the content of protein, fat, linoleic acid, n-3 linolenic acid, saturated fatty acid and carbohydrate, in grams [B.24.202(a)(ii), FDR]
  • the amount of vitamins listed in B.24.202(a)(iii), expressed in the measurements specified in D.01.003(1) of the FDR (that is to say, milligrams, micrograms, micrograms DFE, as applicable) [B.24.202(a)(iii)(B), FDR]
  • the amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and zinc, expressed in milligrams, and the amount of iodide, expressed in micrograms [B.24.202(a)(iv)(B), FDR]
  • the amount of copper, potassium, sodium and manganese, expressed in milligrams [B.24.202(a)(v), FDR], and
  • the amount of biotin, selenium, chromium and molybdenum, expressed in micrograms [B.24.202(a)(vi), FDR]

Voluntary claims and statements - nutritional supplements

The criteria for making nutrient content claims and health claims on these foods is based on the serving of stated size for nutritional supplements when in the ready-to-consume form, or on the stated quantity of food when prepared according to directions for use, if the nutritional supplement requires preparation [item X.1 in the Table of Reference Amounts for Food].

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