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Food labelling for consumers

Consumers can use labels to make more informed choices about the food they purchase. Learn how to read a food label, including best before dates and country of origin labelling.

Services and information

Date labelling

Best before dates, expiration dates, packaged on dates, and more information about date labelling.

Allergen labelling

View food recall and allergy alerts and learn about the most common food allergies in Canada.

Nutritional information

Nutrition facts tables, serving size, ingredients, percent daily value, nutrition claims and more.

Organic food labels

When and how the Canada Organic Logo or organic ingredients can be used on food.

Country of origin labelling

How, when and on which foods it is mandatory to indicate the country of origin.

Product of Canada

What it means when a food is labelled as a product of Canada or made in Canada.

Labelling of genetically engineered foods

Learn about the guidance for labelling products of genetic engineering.

Irradiated foods

What is irradiated food, is it safe, and how to identify it.

How to read a food label

Learn where to find label information on your foods, what it means and what rules it has to follow.

Food fraud

How to spot it, where to report it and what the CFIA is doing to combat it.

Report a labelling concern

Find the proper authority to contact for your food-related complaint or concern.


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