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Ritual slaughter without pre-slaughter stunning


The restraint of the food animal, the ritual cut and the post-cut management, must all be done in a manner to prevent avoidable suffering to the food animal during ritual slaughter, without pre-slaughter stunning, since the time to reach unconsciousness without prior stunning can be variable between food animal species and even between individuals within a species. The outcome is for the food animal to achieve unconsciousness as rapidly as possible.

What this means for your food business

To help you understand these requirements, specific criteria and examples are outlined below. The examples are not exhaustive but help illustrate the intent of the requirement and offer ideas on what you could do to comply. Key terms throughout the text have been hyperlinked to the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) glossary.

Subsection 144 (a) Restraint of the food animal for ritual slaughter


Subsections 144 (b) Requirements for the ritual knife cut


Subsection 144 (c) Bleeding requirements for the food animal ritually cut without pre-slaughter stunning


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