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Application of the inspection legend on food animal carcasses before refrigeration


Meat products must meet many criteria before they can be identified as edible. Amongst these criteria is the key component of passing a post-mortem inspection or examination. Marking carcasses, other than poultry and rabbits, with the inspection legend when this step has been completed is an important way to validate that only approved carcasses are used in edible meat products and to demonstrate the edibility of the final product.
An operator that is a licence holder to conduct not only the activity of slaughter of food animals but also the activity to further process the edible meat products may consider applying for an exemption to applying the legend before refrigeration.

What this means to your food business

To help you understand these requirements, specific criteria and examples are outlined below. The examples are not exhaustive but help illustrate the intent of the requirement and offer ideas on what you could do to comply. Key terms throughout the text have been hyperlinked to the SFCR glossary.

Application of inspection legend before refrigeration: 151

Application of inspection legend before refrigeration Exception - dressed beef carcass side: 180 (4)

Application for the exemption of applying inspection legend before refrigeration: 175

Resources to help meet these requirements:

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