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Food-specific requirements and guidance – Manufactured food (all other food)

As of November 1, 2022, the CFIA is conducting compliance activities of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) requirements for the manufactured food sector consistent with its long-standing Compliance and enforcement policy to respond to non-compliance with fairness, impartiality and transparency.

Industry is responsible for ensuring the safety of their food products at all times. The CFIA supports compliance by providing regulated parties with the tools, resources, guidance, and services they need to become familiar with and follow regulatory requirements. This includes the SFCR provisions relating to licensing, preventive controls and traceability.

Before you review information related specifically to manufactured food products, read the information on General food requirements and guidance. The SFCR set out many requirements that apply across food commodities, along with the specific requirements highlighted here.

Additional requirements for Food imports and Food exports may apply also to your business.

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