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Singapore – Export requirements for meat and poultry products

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  1. Eligible/ineligible products
  2. Pre-export approvals
  3. Product specifications, production controls and inspection requirements
  4. Labelling, packaging and marking requirements
  5. Documentation
  6. Other requirements

1. Eligible/ineligible products

1.1 Eligible products

1.2 Ineligible products

2. Pre-export approvals

Establishments manufacturing beef products.

Routine procedures must be followed. The operator should submit a request for approval using the "Application for establishment approval - Annex I".

Please refer to Annex 1 for the "List of Establishments Approved to Export to Singapore".

3. Products specifications, production controls and inspection requirements

3.1 Products specifications

3.2 Production controls – Traceability of eligible products

Operators must develop, implement and maintain effective and verifiable control programs for ensuring compliance with all applicable requirements.

Where eligible and ineligible products are manufactured at the establishment, the control programs must ensure that ineligible products can be distinguished from those that are eligible in all stages of products handling (through receiving, processing, and shipping/distribution).

The control programs must include monitoring, verification and deviation procedures.

The controls implemented by the operator to comply with applicable requirements must be reviewed and found satisfactory by the responsible Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspector.

The inspector will verify compliance through usual inspection activities.

3.3 Inspection requirements

Stand-alone cutting-boning, further processing and storage establishments, which are not normally supervised by an official veterinarian in Canada, must be visited periodically by an official veterinarian to satisfy the veterinary supervision requirements appearing on the certificates (Annex A, B, D and F).

The frequency of the visits to such establishments by a veterinarian should be based on the complexity of operations conducted at the establishment and the compliance record of the establishment.

4. Labelling packaging and marking requirements

4.1 Moisture-infused pork (MIP)

the product must be pre-packed and properly labelled as "moisture-infused pork" both on the outer carton and individual retail packs

4.2 Chilled pork

Please refer to point 3.1.3 above.

5. Documentation

The certification must be provided in English. As necessary, a French version is provided for information only.

Below are the additional veterinary certificates that must be issued along with form CFIA-ACIA 1454.

5.1 For pork products

Annex A: Veterinary certificate for pork products destined to Singapore.

Note: for Moisture infused pork (MIP), the Veterinary health certificate must indicate that the product is "Moisture-Infused Pork".

5.2 For poultry meat products

Annex B: Veterinary certificate for poultry meat products destined for Singapore.

5.3 For products containing less than 5% meat products (pork, poultry, mutton)

Annex C: Veterinary certificate for meat products derived from pork, poultry or mutton containing less than 5% meat destined to Singapore.

5.4 For canned meat products (pork and poultry)

Annex D: Veterinary certificate for canned and canned meat products destined to Singapore.

5.5 For beef products

Annex F: Veterinary certificate for fresh meat and meat products derived from cattle destined to Singapore.

5.6 For prepared meat products

Containing beef and/or pork and/or poultry meat products the relevant certificate for the meat product contained in the finished product that is, Annex A, B and/or F.

Note: as part of their import control program, Singapore tests imported ready-to-eat (RTE) meat products for contamination with Listeria monocytogenes.

When a non-compliance is found, the importation of such product from the producing establishment is suspended until Singapore is satisfied that appropriate measures have been taken.

The suspension applies only to ready-to-eat (RTE) meat products. In order to avoid the suspension of an establishment for non-RTE prepared meat products, it is required that the words "Ready-to-eat" or "Not ready-to-eat" as appropriate, be written immediately after the product description of prepared meat products appearing on the export certificates.

5.7 For certifying compliance of a product with the requirements of a third country

To certify compliance with specific India's requirements for pork meat products - Annex N: Certification for pork in relation to India's requirements.

Note: Annex N is not a Singaporean import requirement. It should however be issued at the request of the commercial parties, in addition to Annex A above, provided the applicable requirements of India are met.

6. Other information

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