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Panama - Export requirements for milk and dairy products

Canada does not have a negotiated certificate with Panama. The export certification to this country is based on the commercial riskFootnote 1. It is therefore important that the exporter ensure that any documentation issued by the CFIA will be accepted by the competent authority of Panama.

Eligible/ineligible product

Information not available. It is the responsibility of the exporter to ensure that the product being exported will be covered by the issued certificate.

Pre-export approvals by competent authority of importing country

Information not available. It is recommended to the exporter to verify whether pre-export approval by the competent authority of the importing country is required.

Export documents available upon request


Additional information

According to the information provided to the CFIA, the Panamanian Food Safety Authority (AUPSA) - (Spanish only) issues an import notification for products destined to Panama.

No additional statement can be added to the CFIA/ACIA 5813 certificate.

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