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New Zealand - Export requirements for milk and dairy products

Canada does not have a negotiated certificate with New Zealand (NZ). Export certification is based on the requirements of this country.

1. Eligible/ineligible product



2. Pre-export approvals by the competent authority of the importing country

No. However, it is recommended to confirm that with the importer.

3. Production controls and inspection requirements

The inspector must verify during a preventive control inspection that the establishment is aware of the dairy standards and requirements of New Zealand and has a specific export procedure in place.

As per the manufacturer's declaration required by the NZ, the statements below must be met.

(On manufacturer's letterhead)

Manufacturer's declaration

For the export of dairy products or product containing dairy ingredients for human consumption from Canada to New Zealand

I, space being the Manager of the facility where the product identified in this Zoosanitary Certificate has been processed, certify that;

  1. The dairy ingredient used to manufacture the product has been heat treated in conformity with one of the following procedures:

    1.1 a minimum temperature of 132°C for at least one second (ultra-high temperature [UHT]);

    1.2 If the milk has a pH less then 7.0, a minimum temperature of 72°C for at least 15 seconds (high temperature-short time pasteurisation [HTST]);

    1.3 If the milk has pH of 7.0 or over, the HTST process applied twice.

    (Delete 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 as applicable)

  2. The dairy product or product containing dairy ingredients have been produced in premises that are registered or approved by the Competent Government Authority as having acceptable food safety standards governing the processing of dairy products for export.
  3. The dairy product or product containing dairy ingredients are in sealed packaging.

Signature of Manager


Name of Manager: space

Title of Manager: space

Address of Manager: space

4. Labelling, packaging and marking requirements

5. Export documents available upon request


6. Additional information

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