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Notice to industry – Updates to the verification and renewal processes for plant pest containment

January 3, 2023 – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) takes a risk-based approach to protecting plant health and has made it easier to verify and renew low-risk plant pest containment (PPC) facilities in Canada. Changes include:

  • increasing the validity period of PPC-Display and PPC-1 facilities, to 3 years from 2 years (for PPC verifications completed on or after January 3, 2023) and
  • shortening the PPC-Display, PPC-1 and PPC-2 Self-Assessment Checklists to emphasize required items

The CFIA regulates the import and handling of plant pests in Canada. Certain invertebrates and micro-organisms must be handled and maintained in a facility that meets PPC requirements. PPC levels vary by risk and range from the lowest, PPC-Display and PPC-1, to the highest, PPC-3.

Persons that handle plant pests in their facility must continue to follow PPC requirements and request renewal from the CFIA as appropriate.

Given the relatively high risk of organisms that require PPC-2 and PPC-3, the validity period continues to be 2 years for PPC-2 and 1 year for PPC-3. No change to their validity period is considered at this time.

If you have questions about these updates, please contact IAS.EEE@inspection.gc.ca.