Federal requirements for information to accompany animals

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In Part XV of the Health of Animals Regulations, pig carcasses transported to any site and non-bred pigs transported between non-contiguous parts of a farm and between farms must be accompanied with consignment information in a form that can be immediately read by an inspector.

In Part XII of the Health of Animals Regulations, there are 2 forms of documentation used with the movement of all animals:

  • The Transfer of Care (HAR s153) ensures the continuity of care, that no animal is to be left at any slaughter facility, or assembly centre without written notice that care has been transferred between the transporter and the receiver. This is done to ensure that the individual responsible for caring for the animals can be clearly identified at all times.
  • The second is an animal transport record (HAR s154) where commercial carriers, and those who transport animals in the course of business or for financial benefit, must make a record at the time of loading the animals, for each shipment, related to the movement of those animals

For further guidance, review the Health of Animals Regulations: Part XII: Transport of Animals-Regulatory Amendment Interpretive Guidance for Regulated Parties.

Provincial requirements for information to accompany animals apply.