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Narasin and Nicarbazin (NRNC) – Medicating Ingredient Brochure

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Status: Over the counter

Revised January 2019

Table of approved species and claims
Approved livestock species Approved claim(s)
(abbreviated)Table Note 1
Withdrawal time Name of
approved brand(s)
Broiler chickens
  1. Aid in the prevention of coccidiosis
0 days Maxiban Premix

Broiler chickens

Table of approved claims and brands
Approved claims Name of
approved brand(s)
Drug concentration in
DIN product
Claim 1 Maxiban Premix Narasin at 80 g/kg and Nicarbazin at 80 g/kg

Approved for use in meal or pellet feed

Claim 1

As an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria necatrix, E. tenella, E. acervulina, E. brunetti, E. maxima and E. mitis in broiler chickens.

Level of medicating ingredient in a complete feed

40 to 50 mg/kg (0.004% to 0.005%) of narasin and 40 to 50 mg/kg (0.004% to 0.005%) of nicarbazin in complete feed.

Note (not required to appear on medicated feed labels)
  • Feed labels must state one specific drug level.

Directions for use in a complete feed

Feed this medicated feed continuously as the sole ration.


  1. Do not feed to laying chickens.
  2. Keep out of reach of children. (Required on premix and supplement labels only)


  1. Do not allow canines, horses or other equines access to formulations containing narasin. Ingestion of narasin by these species has been fatal.
  2. Poultry consuming narasin should not be treated with products containing tiamulin. Severe growth depression may occur.
  3. Do not feed to turkeys or breeding hens in production.
  4. Do not use this medicated feed for the treatment of outbreaks of coccidiosis.
  5. Not to be used in feeds containing pellet binding agents with the exception of Lignosol (4%) and bentonite (2%). (Required on premix and supplement labels only)

Accepted Compatibilities

Narasin and Nicarbazin are compatible with the following drugs/drug combinations. In cases where there are differences in withdrawal time for the compatible medicating ingredients, the longer withdrawal time is the one that must be used, and is the only one that is to appear on the label of the finished feed. For details, refer to the MIB as indicated.

Narasin and Nicarbazin (broiler chickens)
Name of medicating ingredient MIB code Name of approved brand(s) Applicable claims
Avilamycin AVI Surmax Premix All claims
Bacitracin (as bacitracin methylenedisalicylate) BACN-M
  1. BMD 110 G
  2. Bacitracin MD
All claims