Share your thoughts: Proposed changes to the Canadian Feed Ingredients Table

Current status: Closed

This consultation ran from December 13, 2022 to January 14, 2023

About the consultation

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is leading a 30-day public consultation to seek comments on the proposed document: Overview of the proposed changes to the Canadian Feed Ingredients Table.

The Canadian Feed Ingredients Table (CFIT) is a document that will be incorporated by reference (IBR) into the Feeds Regulations, 2023 and will come into force when the new regulations are published in the Canada Gazette, Part II (CGII).

The CFIT lists and describes all single ingredient feeds (SIFs) approved for use in livestock feed in Canada. The CFIT will replace Schedules IV and V of the current regulations.

The CFIT contains 7 classes of SIFs, each with a clearly defined purpose.

  • Classes 1 to 5 are nutritional-based SIFs such as roughages and forages, energy feeds, protein feeds, vitamins and minerals
  • Class 6 contains SIFs that are non-nutritional and are added to livestock feeds for a specific technical purpose (for example, antioxidants, anticaking ingredients, mould inhibitors, colourants, pH adjusters, etc.)
  • Class 7 contains SIFs that have a specific purpose that does not currently meet the subclasses identified in Class 6

The CFIA is committed to the principles of accessibility, transparency, consistency, reasonableness, and clarity when using IBRs in regulations as stipulated in the CFIA's Incorporation by Reference Policy. Since changes have been made to the CFIT since the last consultation, in accordance with the Incorporation by Reference Policy, the CFIA is consulting on these additional changes. This will allow the most up to date version of the CFIT to be published when the new regulations are published in CGII.

Who is the focus of this consultation

Animal feed stakeholders, including:

  • suppliers of feed ingredients
  • commercial feed manufacturers
  • feed importers, distributors and retailers
  • industry associations
  • other government departments
  • international trading partners
  • veterinarians

All comments are welcome from industry, governments, the public, or other organizations or individuals.

Key questions for discussion

The CFIA is asking for feedback on the Overview of the proposed changes to the Canadian Feed Ingredients Table.

  • Are there any errors in the descriptions
  • Are there any elements which require further clarification
  • Is there any criteria which may reflect on the safety or efficacy of products that was missed

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